• Carla Arvie

Dear Black Girl, You Can Wear Your Crown However You Want.

This Black History Month, I'm sharing my personal black experiences and talking about important black topics that I hope will empower, educate, and start an open dialogue with everyone. This week I want to talk about something that I've dealt with forever.......black hair.

Most recently, I've been wrestling with loving my black hair. As black women, we learned at an early age that your hair is your crown and that it's so unique it can take many forms. Truthfully, our crown can often feel heavy because so many influences will tell us our God-given kinky hair is not enough.

I know I feel the weight of my crown when I'm overwhelmed with images of black women with flawless, long, shiny hair all the darn time on Instagram and in beauty ads. Often I can't help but to feel ashamed because my short, afro-like, natural hair doesn't resemble these perfect crowns I see in media.

Something I find interesting is that many of us black queens always feel the need to look "on point". How can any woman live up to that standard 24/7? It's crazy. What's more sad is when I witness queens tearing each other down because of these crazy hair standards. I remember a fellow black queen suggesting I wear my crown different because she didn't find it appealing. And it hurt me.

I had to realize that no matter how I chose to wear my crown that there would be an opinion to follow with it. I'm sure many of you can relate. I regularly have to remind myself that my crown was made special for me! I hope we can all remember this when feeling weighed down. So I say to you my black queen regardless of your crown form, please wear it however you want!

P.S. Thank you so much to my sweet family for doing these photos with me!

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