• Carla Arvie

Closet Makeover: 3 Easy Closet Organization Tips

Truth is most of us gals and guys don't have the luxury of owning our "dream closet". Doesn't mean we can't have a fabulous wardrobe space though! Today's #ClosetMakeover post is my guide to you on organizing and making the most of your closet with 3 easy tips.

1. Purge Your Bad Stuff

True closet therapy is tossing out all of the bad clothing items. None of us need taunting pieces we can't fit anymore messing with our psyche everyday. Those too tight jeans and that freshman college orientation shirt are claiming way too much space in your soon-to-be-made-over closet! After you've bagged up those items, I recommend you donate/sell them. I've only thrown away clothes that were severely damaged.

2. Conscious Cleaning

All this means is to be more intentional with your closet. When you're cleaning out your closet, look for the items you don't wear often or haven't worn in a while and think about whether it makes sense to keep. I usually move these clothes to the back of my closet for a short period of time and if I don't miss them I toss them into my donation bag. Another tip I suggest is for you to try wearing these items one more time before making your decision.

3. Closet Arrangement & Personalizing

Try placing your favorite or your go-to items at the front of your closet. I've found that this helps more than color coding everything. Also tuck away all of your off-season clothes to maximize space for your in-season items. Another thing I like to do versus color coding is color scheming or creating themed outfits. I put my everyday wear up front, my fun/date-night clothes in the middle, and my work clothes and outerwear in the back. I'm super into neutrals so that is the color scheme I have for my closet right now.

I hope those tips help you out. Let me know what you think about my tips in the comments! I'm sharing a new #ClosetMakeover post very soon :) To keep up with these go ahead and visit my Closet Makeover page.

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