• Carla Arvie

3 Tips for Building Conscious Shopping Habits

Let's be real, if you're a shopaholic like myself then you likely overspend when purchasing clothing. Yes this is true even for those of us who shop on a "budget" or only shop secondhand or sale racks. Here's the hard truth my friend: spending less doesn't mean you're buying less!

In other words, you're not really saving money girlfriend. So here's the money-saving secret, we've got to become smarter with our purchases by building conscious shopping habits.

I've really come to like the term conscious because it dispels the idea of being cheap and introduces the mindset of being thoughtful when shopping.

So today I'm sharing 3 Tips for Building Conscious Shopping Habits.

Tip 1: Say No to Over-Spending

It's important to acknowledge that those cute little Target runs that turn into costly shopping sprees aren't cute anymore. How cute will it be in 20 years when you're coming out of Target with $60 of junk and no solid retirement funds? Trust me, I'm preaching to you and to myself. The first and most helpful thing that I've found helpful in combating the shopping-spree-itch is saying no to myself.

When I find myself in a store that I have no business in I ask myself two conscious-savvy questions, "Do I need this"? and "Is it worth the REAL cost"?

More than often my answer to this is no and that the real cost of me having an argument with my hubby about overspending is so not worth it!

Tip 2: Wait to Buy It

Once upon a time, there was such a thing as waiting to buy items. That's right people would save their money before buying a good or make payments on an item through a little service called Layaway before they could own an item. Bananas right? I think it's necessary to reestablish this method for building conscious shopping habits.

I actually find that making plans for my next purchase are so much more exciting and strategic than impulse buying.

A few things that help me practice this are:

  • Making attainable wish-lists that apply to a specific need like work clothes or skincare.

  • Talking with my hubby about what I want to buy and making a timeline of when it makes sense to buy it.

  • Considering all the ways I would use or wear an item that is in my wish-list.

Tip 3: Put a Limit on Your Shopping Ability

Another conscious shopping key is limiting your shopping ability. I think we all know what our limits are. My personal limit is that I'm not allowed to explore more than 3 clothing stores when shopping because then I'm just looking for an excuse to overspend. Another limit I have is my Pick-Me-Up budget. My most unsafe time to shop is when I'm emotional, so when I'm emotional I can buy something but it can't exceed my weekly Pick-Me-Up budget of $15. It sounds silly but has worked so well for me!

Those are all the tips I have for today. I'd love to hear your thoughts on conscious shopping and if you have any tips to add on the subject.

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