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  • Carla Arvie

3 Major Color Trends to Follow this Fall and Winter

It's the most fashionable time of the year! Cooler weather is among us and I find it essential to discuss 3 Major Color Trends everyone should follow this season.


There is no sexier a color than a rich dark shade of red like burgundy. It's currently my favorite color to wear. It's a super versatile color that is great for everyday clothing and holiday event outfits. Not to mention, it looks good on pretty much everyone.

Top : Papaya, $6 (old) | Pants: Goodwill, $3 | Earrings: Sam Moon, $6 | Shoes: DSW, $30


Everybody should embrace a little bit of navy in their life. There's something really sleek and intentional about navy. This moody color is fashionably subtle yet stated and works well in your wardrobe all year long. If you ever want to add a little color depth to your winter outfit without overdoing it, navy is a great way to go!

Sweater: H&M, $15 | Skirt: Goodwill, $4 | Earrings: Target, $8 | Shoes: Nordstrom, $50 | Bag, Goodwill, $3


Thank God for the invention of the color camel. My oh my, I feel so sharp whenever I'm wearing this color. Nothing says classic quite like camel because it's just timeless. When going for an effortless daily fall or winter look, think camel. Have I said camel enough for you?

Sweater: Goodwill, $5 | Pants: Goodwill, $3 | Earrings: H&M, $10 | Shoes: DSW, $30 | Bag, Goodwill, $2

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