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Closet Makeover: 5 Daily Basics You Need to Refresh Your Closet

Every once in a while we all think "I don't have anything to wear" or "I hate my closet". Being in a wardrobe rut can make getting dressed for the day a stressful process. Well I hear ya sis and I have a solution. It all starts with obtaining great basic clothing pieces for your every day wear.

Today I get the pleasure to share the first post of my Closet Makeover series: "5 Daily Basics You Need to Refresh Your Closet".

My hope for this series is that it will help route you in making good purchases and changes for your wardrobe and hopefully get you feeling good about your closet again.

1. Good jeans

Everyone needs a great go to jean! This is gonna be the part that hurts your pockets but it is worth the investment because you will wear your jeans all the time. I recommend you get a good blue pair first, then add on a black and white pair.

Recommended Stores: Nordstrom, H&M, Levi's, and Old Navy

Costs: Moderate to Expensive


The one pictured here is a mom jean by Something Navy × Nordstrom. I got on them on sale for $45.

2. Plain white tee

White t-shirts are crazy versatile. Great for layering with jackets, great for throwing over a dress and tying a knot for a more relaxed look, and just great for everything! Some people buy multiples of a good white tee, some buy new ones as they wear down, and some pay more for longer lasting quality. It's really up to you. Just get yourself one!

Recommended Stores: Target, Nordstrom, and H&M

Costs: Inexpensive


My basic tee is a crewneck from H&M and I paid $13 for it.

3. Jean jacket

You probably already have this lying around in your house somewhere. Can I just say - jean jackets will never be out of style. You've already added great value to your closet by owning this. It's so easy to style with your basic tee, a pair of jeans, and goes easily with sneakers or any shoe for that matter. Ultimately, a denim jacket is a great all-year-round third piece to any casual outfit and creates a more elevated look.

Recommended Stores: Thrift shops, Old Navy, Target, H&M, and J.Crew

Costs: Inexpensive to Moderate


I own a blue and white jean jacket. Both were thrifted around $10 each. The blue one is by Old Navy and the white is by Isaac Mizrahi.

3. Stylish belt

You'd be surprised at what a big impact a tiny accessory like a belt can have on your outfit. I feel it's a necessary basic to have because it produces more outfit options by adding more to your look. I say it's good to own a great black belt along with several others that might have a pop of color or a fun print. Include it with a denim on denim outfit with matching mules for an edgy look or throw over a pretty lace white dress for some subtle western flavor. Do yourself a favor and add some belt flavor to your closet!

Recommended Stores: Target, Forever21, Zara, Old Navy, and Nordstrom

Costs: Inexpensive


Mine is a western belt from Target and I paid $15 for it.

4. Basic tank top

I love a crisp tank top. This one's simple enough. You need one of these for all those annoying see-through tops and those warm days where you don't care for sleeves. Also it does make a good layering piece. You can wear with over-sized shirts and tuck into cropped pants for a cool laid back look.

Recommended Stores: Gap, Old Navy, Wal-Mart, and Target

Costs: Inexpensive


I've had this white racerback tank for years and don't remember where it's from but it was a gift from my mom-in-law and she paid around $3 for it. It's surprisingly durable and comfortable!

5. Mules

I couldn't name an easier fashionable shoe if I tried. You can wear mules with everything. A jumpsuit, overalls, jeans, dresses, slacks - you name it. They're both sophisticated yet casual. Great for everyday wear.

Recommended Stores: Target, Marshall's, Nordstrom, and DSW

Costs: Moderate


I own a black pair from Target and a silver pair from Marshall's. Both were under $30.

That's all I have for today's post! I plan to share more #ClosetMakeover tips next week.

I hope this was helpful! Let ya girl know if you have any special closet tip requests or questions.

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