• Carla Arvie

What She Taught Me About Style: Yara Shahidi

Yara Shahidi is the ultimate cool girl and is the inspiration behind the last of my "What She Taught Me About Style" series.

Never heard of her? Check out Grown-ish, Black-ish, any articles about her being a strong advocate for educating young folks on politics , and her many magazine covers over the past couple years!

How did I channel my inner Yara? I paid tribute to her love for dressing up graphic tees. Yara is also a woman who loves to play with color so I made room for pink accessories and a mixed matched suit set.

Shirt: $25, ASOS

Blazer: $6, Thrift Giant

Pants: $15, Marshall's

Earrings: $3, Wal-Mart

Bag: $2, Thrift Giant

Shoes: $15, JCPenny

Total: $66

I adore Yara's casual style! Her accessories make any and every outfit so stylish.

This denim on denim and pop of pink look was the result of her influence on my casual style. All I did was add an interesting top and the other pieces were super easy since I just kept everything matchy.

Jacket: $7, Goodwill

Shirt: $15, Nordstrom

Denim Skirt: $6, Thrift Giant

Shoes: H&M, $20

Earrings: $3, Wal-Mart

Bag: $2, Thrift Giant

Total: $53

Lastly, Yara is and always will be - for the culture. Meaning, she is just as fly in urban wear as she is in designer.

This money shirt felt like a great way to show off my street chic influence from Yara's daringly cultured fashion choices.

Most of all, I appreciate Yara's devotion to staying true to her roots and never forgetting her purpose as a role model and youth advocate for political change. Keep doing you and inspiring us to be as fabulous as you Yara!

Shirt: Forever21 , $20

Jeans: Nordstrom, $30

Bag: Thrift Giant, $2

Shoes: H&M, $20

Necklace: Forever21, $5

Total: $77

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