• Carla Arvie

My Fab Under $100 Outfit: Mom Jeans & a T-Shirt

I bought a pair of mom jeans and am never taking them off! Today's #FabUnder100Outfit is me embracing the unwavering formula of "jeans and a t-shirt". Who would've thought it could be so chic?

You can call me #LevisBae now because I am obsessed with this brand. This t-shirt was something I had my eye on for a while and once it went on promotion for $15 (Nordstrom, sold out) I was sold.

I finally get that having great basics and simplicity in an outfit allows piecing together outfits to feel effortless. Which is a huge relief for the modern day working lady or man. These stretchy charcoal distressed jeans felt like an easy decision because they were $30 (Nordstrom, sold out) and fit me perfect. You need this denim in your life!

My shoes (Marshall's, $15), sunglasses ($6), and handbag ($7) added just a little flair to this easy casual cool outfit.

Here's a blooper y'all, I was actually posing with broken sunglasses. It was so sad when we pulled up to take pictures and I realized one side was laying on the floor, but then figured whatever and kept it moving!

That wraps up My Fab Under $100 Outfit.

In total my look costed $73.

Thanks for being fabulous and checking out today's post.

Happy Friday!

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