• Carla Arvie

What She Taught Me About Style: Charlotte York

Pearl earrings, stripes and everything prep are what come to mind when I think of my latest style muse, Charlotte York ( aka upper East side babe from Sex and the City aka Kristen Davis ). Spring is here and I'm officially kicking off a new series, "What She Taught Me About Style". 

Throughout the next few weeks, I'm sharing my coveted fashion icons and how they inspire my style. Each week, I'm doing 3 looks in each post for this new saga. Without further ado, let's talk details.

Let's not underate how right Charlotte York got fashion Sex in the City! This first outfit was put together in honor of how Charlotte loved color coordinating but didn't neglect sophistication or the element of having fun with her outfits!

I really appreciated how Charlotte's upbeat personality and optimism in finding love showed in her vibrant and feminine clothing choices.

Shirt: (Nordstrom Rack, 1901) $8

Pearl Studs: (Target, A New Day) $8

Heart Sunglasses: (Random hair shop) $6

Skirt: (Denton Thrift) $3

Shoes: (Zara) $50

Red Tote Bag: (Marshall's) $30

Outfit: $105

Charlotte also had the ability to communicate her sweet back-home-in Connecticut background through a-line dresses and pointy toe pumps.

And I love how picky Charlotte was with her accessories. Her pearl necklace, or bucket Burberry hat, or her dainty tennis bracelet made themselves known as part of her wardrobe but were subtle.

Dress: (Asos) $8

Red Tote Bag: (Marshall's) $30

Pearl Studs: ( Target, A New Day) $8

Nude Pumps: (Cato's) $22

Outfit: $68

We absolutely cannot forget how quirky this young, stylish, thriving woman was either. 

Fearless of versatile printed fashions and unapologetic of her values and dreams. It doesn't get more feministic than that!

To conclude, Charlotte York is and always will be a beloved fashion muse of mine. On behalf of all girly girls all around the world, we will always appreciate a fabulous Kate Spade bag, gingham print, and pearl earrings because of this icon.

Yellow Blazer: (Goodwill) $4

Laser Cut Top: (Goodwill) $3

Shorts: (Goodwill, Loft) $3

Red Tote Bag: (Marshall's) $30 

Pearl Studs: ( Target, A New Day) $8 Nude Pumps: (Cato's) $22

Outfit: $70

Thanks for dropping by!

- Your fave frugal stylish girl!

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