• Carla Arvie

Women I Love to Support

It's the day after Valentine's Day but I'm still celebrating the people I love! More specifically, I'm using tonight's post to introduce you to some of the incredible women who inspire me daily and why I love supporting them.

The first woman to brag about is this fierce redhead. My good friend, Bre. She has effortlessly edgy style unlike ANYONE I know, she is the easiest person to talk to, and is currently pursuing her passion in becoming a Digital Marketing Specialist. I love her and what a strong woman she is so much! I aspire to be as fearless as this queen is one day.  

Secondly is my fellow blogger babe, Rebecca. This girl is so bomb. I was instantly drawn to her fab practical style and easygoing attitude the moment I spotted her on INSTA . 

I especially love that she flawlessly represents the plus-size community and encourages shopping smart! I have to say that she encouraged me so much during this shoot because she is the first blogger I've ever worked with and made me feel so much more at ease. Looking forward to many more photo shoots with this beaut! Be sure to check out her website, https://becstobasics.com

Lastly, is my melanin beauty Stacey. She is a new local photographer, a longtime friend of mine, and overall a Jack-of-All-Trades! She is a teacher by day and entrepreneur by night. Stacey is one of those friends who have live by and believe you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Mediocracy and complacency have no say in this woman's life! I admire her determination for greatness and lkve seeing her passions come to life. It honestly amazes me! Check out her amazing work on INSTA and on her  website.

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