• Carla Arvie

Thrifty Thursday: Wearing Winter Plaids (Look #3)

When it comes to style I always strive for versatility. I love switching up my looks. For today's Thrifty Thursday outfit, I wanted to share this edgy prep winter inspired look. Now let's get right into it!

In true honor of #ThriftyThursday I am wearing an outfit that is almost totally thrifted. This $5 plaid Merona blazer (target brand) was the kicker of my thrifted masterpiece and the apple of my eye in Goodwill. Plus it's so fun to pair with anything!

I wanted to tone the preppy down a smidge so I threw on this mock turtleneck top that was $7 at Buffalo Exchange. And instead of classic preppy pearls, I rocked these twisted gold earring studs that were $4 at Charlotte Russe.

I knew this outfit needed an element of surprise. So I spiced it up with these high rise black jeans ($4), this simple black belt (Cato's, $3), my fave black crossbody (Target, $7), and these super cool combat boots (these were a gift but I believe they were around $40). 

There you have it. A cool, calm, collected, yet edgy wintry outfit for $70 (roughly). 

Thanks for stopping by as always!

XOXO - Your fave chic frugal gal pal!

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