• Carla Arvie

Thrifty Thursday: 3 Cheap Glam Holiday Party Outfits That Will Blow Your Mind!

Let's be real, most of us dread shopping for holiday party outfits every year. It's yet another expensive transaction your poor little visa has to bear, but here's some news...IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY!

My solution is simple. Don't shop full price retail! I'm telling you, it will save you so much money and shopper's guilt going to Goodwill, a vintage store, or Marshall's. Matter of fact, I have 3 super fab holiday outfits to show you and hopefully give you some inspo that were either purchased at a resale shop or on the clearance rack. So without further adieu let's talk outfit deets (details)!

Most stores have a pretty generic selection when you're looking for the "perfect Christmas/NYE party dress". I've seen my fair share of the same overpriced and recycled sequin, red polyester, and black lace items this year just like last year. I always look for unique items like this dress at secondhand stores to feel special and stand out. It is the highest priced item I'm showing you all today at $45 but still a great and affordable find for a cocktail dress.

I got this cute little metallic frock from a consignment shop called Threadhead Apparrel online. Just paired it with my Vince Camuto pumps that were $30 (and on sale) to finish it off and wala! Still a great party look that is under $100 and to remind you NOTHING was full priced.

I love that people are switching it up and taking a more relaxed approach to event style. Jumpsuits and wide-leg pants are a great way to be laid back AND stylish at a semi-formal holiday event. These BERRY fun wide leg pants were such a great find at Thrift Giant for $3! Not to mention they are SUPER in right now and are extremely comfortable.

I chose a glittery mesh turtleneck as my top that I got from Target last year on sale for $13 to give my look more of a holiday feel.

I played more into my shimmery top by pairing it with a gold clutch I got from Burlington Coat Factory for $6 along with these vintage inspired crushed metallic pointy toe shoes that were on sale at ASOS last year for $15.

Lastly, I added some colorful chandelier earrings that brought this look to life! They are from Sam Moon and and are $7. In total this outfit is $44. I mean come on, it looks good, feels good, it's totally different from the norm, yet still such a "together" outfit for partying with coworkers!

For my ultra formal party look, I went with this vintage metallic lacey number I also found at Thrift Giant. Again, this is why you go thrifting because you never know what hidden treasure you'll find. My dress was $7-nope not kidding!

I decided to go with these shiny black pumps from Cato's (at $19), paired them with a matching black croc clutch ($2 via Goodwill), and threw in some sassy clear colored droopy earrings ($12 via H&M) to put a little spin on this Old Hollywood inspired look.

My final outfit costs $40. It should be against the law to look this fabulous under $50!

There you have it! 3 complete holiday event outfits that are totally affordable and still serving major Christmas glam. I hope you are inspired to shop more resale and sale racks as you're looking for holiday outfit pieces! Know that you can do it and wear it like a star.

Thanks for dropping by!

XOXO - your fave chic frugal gal pal!

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