• Carla Arvie

Thrifty Thursday Look #1

Y'all know my love for thrift and resale stores runs deep! I've been going to them faithfully since high school to add some affordable yet trendy flair to my closet and include clothes that likely no one else would have.

Today's casual "comfort couture" look is almost entirely from Thrift Giant aside from my shoes. First of all, if you haven't experienced  Thrift Giant  yet, you need to the next time you're in Dallas. It's basically Goodwill on steriods with lower prices. Now let's talk about these deets (details)!

Cable knit sweaters are all the rave right now! I was so happy to find this beige one for $5! 

Another major trend this year and the year previous to it has been joggers. Think of them as stylish cropped sweats. Now imagine those but even cooler! I had to get my hands on these denim joggers. So fun, only $5, and so easy to throw on with anything!

You can't do fall or winter style without throwing in some plaid! Y'all, it was a tote miracle when I found this $3 bag!

All those thrifty pieces came to a total of $13. You weren't even ready for that financial saving mic drop were you? 

Also, if you must know my shoes are from Marshall's and were $20. So my full outfit cost $33 ;)

XOXO - your fave chic frugal gal pal!

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