• Carla Arvie

Let's Put the Fun Back in Fashion

Happy Good Friday y'all! Easter weekend is going to be so LIT! Mainly because this is the weekend to celebrate the INCREDIBLE sacrifice Jesus made for little knuckleheads like me and the miracle of his RISE! 

What's also great about this holiday is that Easter Sunday is actually a MAJOR fashion event. 

People all over the world dress up in fabulous pink, blue, yellow, green, and purple pastels to pay tribute to this day and the beautiful sunny new season ; or perhaps your standard white ensemble like the one I'm wearing here! Haha!

I especially ADORE this time of the year. People are so much more open to stepping out of their comfort zone or their "norm" during the spring. Many people are embracing bright colors and exciting prints like gingham and bright floral patterns! It definitely makes my Instagram and Facebook feed a little more interesting (slight shade).

Speaking of interesting(complaining starts), is it just me or does the new age fashion world feel a little repetitive or ridiculously serious at times? 

What I mean is that, sometimes it feels like every other fashion blogger and even some stylish celebrities are all wearing and doing the SAME thing!

I kid you not! I have witnessed dozens of influencer accounts with people who wear the same IT designer belt paired with the same IT sunnies, that perfectly match the same IT everything else. All the while doing the same EMOTION-LESS "standing in the street" pose or generic one emoji captioned selfie (Ay yi yi).

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with these things. I just expect more from my fellow influencers and the public figures of the world is all! 

Like golly folks! Where is the fun in being one in the same?

Believe me, I've been guilty of trying to fit in too. I understand the battle of the numbers game. You're constantly dealing with thoughts like, "Will I gain or lose engagement if I post this pic? Or "Am I selling a "likeable" persona to my followers"? 

One question that I recently had to challenge myself with was "Why are you doing a fashion blog in the first place"?

Easy - I do styled posts because it's FUN and something that I love!

For me, that is what fashion is all about! Having fun, being creative, doing something different, and wearing what embodies your personality! 

When I finally cut the CRAP and made the decision to just embrace who I AM and what I'm REALLY about - I'm telling you guys, it has been much more well received!

Just think about it. People can see directly through an "act". Transparency is respected so much more. Which is just as true for me when I'm following someone.

Now if you're just a trendy type of person who likes to wear whatever is hot right now and don't have much to say about anything else than ok do you boo! And if you're an obnoxious shoe junkie like me who can never stop talking then WORK WHAT THE GOOD LORD GAVE YOU!

I just have one takeaway for you. I challenge us all to hold onto our "Why" we are doing what we're doing in the first place and to also remember to have fun with it!

Let's put the fun back in fashion or whatever else is your passion! Hopefully my blabbering inspired you a little today :)

Have a great weekend!

Outfit Details

Dress - My friend gifted this to me and it is an older style by FOREVER21 but here is a similar  one !

Shoes - ASOS AND sold out but some cute striped shoes  here  :)

Purse - Thrifted but similar one here

Sunglasses - I don't remember where I got these but here are another cute pair !

Earrings - Charlotte Russe, Sold out but pretty ones here

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