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When People Don't Get Your Style But You Still Do YOU

Happy Wednesday everyone! P.S. I hate when people say Happy Humpday...just call it what it is darn it! Alright, I'm gonna stop complaining and talk about something that has been on my mind lately.

Now this is somewhat of a sensitive topic for me because it's about my artistic craft otherwise known as styling, and as y'all know, us artists are sensitive about our stuff (in my Erykah Badu voice)!  

One thing that absolutely CHAPS MY HIDE is negative and demeaning comments about something I'm wearing. Just to clear up what you're thinking, I am not talking about CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Nope, I'm talking about destructive criticism. 

By this I mean comments like, "That's an interesting outfit"! Or " Girl you are crazy for wearing that"! Yeah sure, those of you who know me or see my posts might witness me wearing over-the-top accessories, flashy clothes, and notice that I'm always changing my hair but that's just how I roll! 

There's nothing more discouraging than when you think you look THE BOMB at an outing and then some shine-thief makes a comment or joke that just shuts your confidence completely down. It's the worst! 

For me, it can especially hurt coming from someone who's close to me because they know of my strong love for fashion. I mean, I may not know MANY things, but I know STYLE!!!! 

Something I've quickly learned in my adult life is that people will ALWAYS have their opinions: friend or foe. Therefore, I am slowly learning not to let the negative comments deter me from doing what I love and what I KNOW is my God-given GIFT!

As I'm growing in my self love and strength in who I am as a person, I've also learned that it doesn't matter what my friends, my family, or some stranger thinks about how I express myself through my style (mindblowing). Truth is I don't wear what I wear for any of them. When I throw on my loud red lipstick and glitter flats it is for ME! 

I don't need validation on how wonderfully made and uniquely fabulous I am okayyyy ;I know that I'm fly!!!! *snaps fingers* I also know that God made me this way for a reason. Us "interestingly dressed" people make life more interesting and are ultimately the trendsetters of the fashion world. So for you girls and guys out there who can relate, KEEP DOING YOU! And shine on through the negativity! 

Outfit Details

Overalls - Charlotte Russe $15 (Got them on sale and they're sold out but check out some others  here)

Shirt - Thrifted, Target $4 (similar one  here )

Shoes -  JcPenny  $15.99

Purse - Plato's Closet, Non-brand $5 (similar one here )

Total = $40