• Carla Arvie

What a Time to be Female

Happy International Women's Month to all my fellow females! This month is such a special one to me because it is an amazing time where women all over the world are rooting for, loving, and helping one another.

I feel like it is such an empowering time to be a female because so much is being done to bring awareness about equal pay, violence/harrassment against women, and self image issues. In other words, women are really kicking butt and taking names out here!

I'm grateful for the women in my life who have helped to develop me into the fierce female I am today! 

I'm also grateful for the freedom and opportunities that I get to experience that unfortunately MANY women in other parts of the world don't have.

I have learned that as a woman and more importantly as a human, it is my responsibility to use the resources I have to support and help other women. 

Thankfully having this blog has allowed me to improve on this area in my life because I get to connect with all types of powerful, amazing women via online and it is truly encouraging to engage in shared passions like fashion and even hard discussions like the injustices of sex trafficking.

While we are each strong individually on our own as females, we can achieve great victories like bringing awareness about these issues as a united front.

For my fellow females, I hope you feel celebrated this month and supported by the fabulous women in your life! 

Outfit Details

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Shoes - Jcpenny $16

Purse - ASOS $20

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