• Carla Arvie

Pink Lady Copycat Outfit

Heyyyyyyyyy my friennnnndddddssss! I have missed you all dearly! Really I mean it! Pinky promise! To make up for my recent absence to you guys I have a special Modern-Day-Era "Pink Ladies" wildcard outfit that you can easily copycat like I did :)

Here's the story behind this beloved fit. I regularly check out this amazing blogger's instagram page by the name of Olivia Rink and I'm always so inspired by her creativity with her looks and editorial-like photos.

Last year she had this really cute 50s style holiday shoot to incorporate an ice cream product and quite naturally I was inspired!

I thought to myself, "How can I put my own spin on this idea"? And then BAM it hit me! I was shopping online at Rue21 and suddenly had a flashback to the film Grease. I knew that I had to recreate the iconic "Pink Ladies" look when I found this amazing pink bomber.

I already owned everything else I needed for this fit so it just HAD to be destiny!

To really make my outfit come to life along with my retro diner concept, I knew the hubz and I had to stop by

Beth Marie's Ice Cream in Denton,TX.

Y'allllllll I was straight up feelin myself during this shoot! I was a Pink Lady coming alive! Tell me about stuuuudddd. Haha! It really was a fun time taking photos INSIDE an actual building for once!

BTW this winter I plan to do A LOT more indoor shoots! Also to add - the employees at Beth Marie's were super nice and let us use this adorable jukebox as a prop.

Not to mention, my strawberry lime float was poppin! Slang translation: My drink was delicious!

Denton is basically what I consider Hipsterville y'all, so we had array of options near Beth Marie's to choose from for some of our 50s inspired shots. We snapped a couple pics at this snazzy retro record shop nearby called, Mad World Records, as well as a vintage, to-die-for candy shop, Atomic Candy.

For you out of towners: If you ever plan to visit Dallas, TX I definitely recommend you include Denton as a destination on your schedule! It really is such a fun, quirky little residence.

Welp, I hope you guys enjoyed reading today's post! Now you just gotta tell me if I nailed this look or if I should stop being so extra lol. Not that I'll listen to you or anything :) But I do love positive feedback!

I also hope you are inspired to try something new with your look or to add your own little modern - day - retro twist to an item in your closet.

Thanks as always for the support and love my chicskates!

Outfit Details

Pink Bomber: $20.99 , Rue21

Jeggings: $8, Walmart (out of stock but similar pair available here)

Shirt: $10, Buffalo Exchange (similar one here)

Handbag: $5, Thrift Giant (similar one here)

Shoes & Ribbon: $16.50, ASOS

Total = $60.50 !!!!!

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