• Carla Arvie

Groovy 70s Style Elements

Happy Wildcard Wednesday y'all!!!! Today I'm featuring some rad 70s influenced threads that'll make you wanna slap your mama because of how CHEAP I got everything (no I could not be any cornier)!

Okay, okay so I've already addressed my recent obsession with the funk era! In addition to it just being an AMAZING TIME to be alive, my binge-watching shows like Stranger Things, Mindhunters, and GLOW (via Netflix) have really inspired me to channel my inner disco diva.

You ever shop online and find a really cool item, then another couple cool items that could really tie it all together? Then suddenly, you NEED to buy it all because you can't imagine your life without It?

Well, that's exactly how this outfit came together!

One thing I never thought I'd ever be interesting in purchasing is a body suit.

Reason enough being that I'd think it'd be uncomfortable to wear and easy to spot.

But I have been proven wrong y'all!

I found this statement bodysuit that instantly reminded me of an old 70s roller rink ad and took a chance on it only to find that it fits like a glove and is sooooo not noticeable!

Now I know I can't be the only one who has seen over and over again that baker boy hats and white boots are all the rave right now. At times, I can be ANTI-TRENDS because I really seek to have my own individual style rather than looking like EVERYONE ELSE!

However, I gave these accessories a try and must admit that now I wear them every chance I get. And while they are really "trendy" I am able to add my special flair to them with outfits! Much like what I did with this ensemble here :)

I love mixing things up in my closet and trying out fun concepts like this look. Nothing really is off-limits when it comes to your personal style and what you like because well, IT'S YOUR LIFE! Lol! Of course there's a way to do it and show every detail off just right. Now that I mention that, I have been considering a new series for the blog where I show how to balance flair vs. too much of it. What do y'all think? I may think on it some more first I suppose. Well as always thank you for stopping by and for taking time out of your day to read my shenanigans!

P.S. Y'all pray for me! Life has been hectic and nearly makes it impossible to blog but somehow I managed a post this week! anyway!

See ya next week :)

Bodysuit: Shein ($9)

Jean Skirt: Thrift Giant ($6)

Baker Boy Hat: Shein ($8)

White Booties: Shein ($32)

Bag: Marshalls ($12)

Tights: Marshalls ($8)

Total: $71

Overall Superflyness: Priceless

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