• Carla Arvie

Layering for Cooler Weather

Hey fabulistas and fabulisirs (yes I made these words up)! First of all, I apologize for being so behind with posting this week!

I have been experiencing technical difficulties with photos and the website since Monday. Argggggghhhhh!

Although I eventually figured it out (approx. around 8pm last night) and I am back in action!

So crazy thing.....turtlenecks are back! What's even more CRAZY is that I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THEM Y'ALL!

It's likely that if you're 21+ years of age (gal or guy), there's a chance you endured the trauma of being coerced by your mom into a turtleneck that literally rubbed you the wrong way for "Picture Day" at some point in grade school.

As if adolescence wasn't difficult enough for us?

That's whats funny about fashion. It's rare that a trend or concept is ever "original", the idea is always borrowed from something or someone else. Whether the idea of reinventing the item derives from extremely uncomfortable kids clothing circa the 90s or comes from being inspired by a stylish character from a recent TV show on Netflix.

I honestly feel like this trend has come back due to the current 70s/80s aesthetic style crave in the fashion world.

And as you all know, I am a full-time advocate of ALL styles pre 2000s!!!!

Therefore, I kept the fall/winter trends of the late 80s in mind for this particular winter look.

Layers were ALL THE RAVEEEE during this pivotal time in the fashion industry ok guys!!!???

In an effort to keep warm and remain stylish, I paired this airy spring dress with my new beloved fitted white turtleneck blouse, faux gold hoop earrings to break down the heavy layering of the shirt while elongating my neck , a pair of comfy suede over the knee boots, and to top it all off - a matching fedora to give it that "Molly Ringwald/Lisa Bonet" feel.

Disclaimer: Later on I threw on my faux leather biker jacket because I was FREEZING and seriously couldn't stand it for another minute!

This is another aspect I love about fashion; you can channel your favorite icons with your clothes and add your own flair to your dedicated look too! Thanks to y'all for bearing with me and my ridiculousness this week and stopping by to show me some love!

Talk to y'all again soon!


Dress: Plato's Closet ($8)

White Turtleneck Blouse: Marshalls ($12)

Hoop Earrings: Charlotte Russe ($5)

Fedora: Dirt Cheap ($2)

OTK Boots: Asos ($42)

Pleather Jacket: TJMAXX ($20)

Total Cost: $89

Slaying The Game: Priceless!!!!

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