• Carla Arvie

NYE Cocktail Style

Happy New Year!!!!!!!! Boyyyyyy am I ecstatic for a fresh start. This past year took me on a rollercoaster of emotions and forced me to embrace the many unexpected changes that are simply a part of LIFE, but y'all now what?! I MADE IT THROUGH!!!!!!! Yes we ALL made it through the spectacle of a year called 2017!!! Hallelujurrrr!!!!

One thing you all NEED to know is that New Year's Eve/Day is my absolute most FAVORITE holiday.

Naturally, as a lover of any reason to get dolled up and over indulge in sugary and carbohydrate WONDERFULNESS -

I enjoy celebrating most major holidays. However, New Year's takes the cake!

What I enjoy most about this spectacular day is that it is a day where you get to RESET wherever you are in your life.

And what's great about this reset button is that it's a BRAND NEW chapter where the possibilities of your life seem endless.

The things you never did, didn't have time for, or were not motivated enough to do - once again feel possible.

At least for the first 2 - 4 WEEKS of the year anyway....y'all know I'm right on this!

This NYE, the hubby and I planned a nice little getaway at an Airbnb about 26 minutes from our home for the weekend.

Translation: We really wanted to spend the holiday at a place where we didn't have to do tedious chores and that wasn't as cramped as our tiny apartment.

Originally we were planning on vegging out and staying in but then we decided it'd be even more fun to do with 8-10 more people! So I threw on my most Twiggy-esque sequin cocktail dress, and we did just that! Alsooo it turned out to be a blast!

FYI I didn't get any decent pictures from the party so I didn't bother with including them on this post!

As a MASTER PLANNER, hosting parties comes natural to me!

Not only can I throw a MEAN party, but I can do it for practically little to nothing ;)

Perhaps I'll share some of my hosting tips and party fun with y'all in the future....let me know your thoughts on this!

Anyhow, I hope you all enjoyed this holiday season with the people you adore the most and looked fabulous doing it!

Talk to y'all later!

Sequin Cocktail Dress - Plato's Closet ($10)

Pearl Statement Necklace - Charlotte Russe ($5)

Pink Metallic Paisley Pumps - ASOS ($14)

New Year Headband - Charlotte Russe ($7)

One Happy Money Saver = Priceless

Total = $36 !!!

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