• Carla Arvie

Threadheads Apparel Collab: Part One

Merry Christmas my most favorite, nicely dressed, and penny pinching chicskates! I am feeling oh so refreshed since just getting back from my holiday weekend getaway in Mississippi :) And although I loved visiting my family in my good ol' home-state where Walmart is a luxurious establishment, I couldn't be happier that I'm back in Texas where the nearest mall and mega shopping center are not more than 10 minutes away from home - ya feel me!?

Soooooo it's GREAT NEWS SHARING TIME! Long story short, I have been following a fabulous and super stinkin' gorgeous blogger/boss babe named Kailey Munoz (IG @thebloggery) who reached out to me about a possible collaboration earlier this year. Of course I accepted and unbeknowst to me, this turned out to be a FULL BLOWN photoshoot for her and her beau's online boutique, Threadheads Apparel.

The shoot was a wonderful first time experience! I'd also say this was a great learning experience and opportunity that lead me to meeting other stylish blogger participants like Tristan Dennington (IG @thepolishedposy) in the picture above, who have been in the content creator game a little longer than me.

These women gave off a contagious energy that embodied CONFIDENCE and a GO-GETTER/YOU GOT THIS GIRL type of attitude! In other words, IT WAS FRICKON' AWESOME!

You guys, I am OVERWHELMED with encouragement that I got to play dress up AND be a part of this fantastic project!

I feel like it was a blessing and that there are any more blessings to come ;) I hope this encourages those of you just starting out with blogging and/or other ventures, who often find yourselves in doubt and wrestling with discouraging thoughts of how "IMPOSSIBLY COMPETITIVE" the market is out there. I want you to know that opportunities WILL COME.

Also know that they will come IN THEIR OWN TIME and sometimes when you least expect it, you just gotta have faith and keep at it! Look at me, I only started a little over 3 months ago, and still have so much to learn about the blogging world, yet I have already been fortunate to be a part of 2 partnerships!

FYI I do have another outfit that I wore during the shoot to show you guys but you'll just have to wait til later this week to see it (part two)! Until then, check out the details below for this fabulous 50s white peacoat and red cocktail dress combo.

All pieces aside from my shoes are from Threadheads Apparel (IG @threadheads_apparel).

You can also enjoy 20% off when visiting the shop via Instagram by using my discount code "Chic20" :)

White Peacoat - $65

Red Cocktail Dress - $48

Nude Pointy Heels - (DSW Shoes) $30

Total = $143

Styled By: Heather Lundy (IG @hercommonthread)

Photography By: Bailey Elizabeth (IG @opalonyxphotography) & Michelle Perez (IG @michelleperezphoto)

Thanks for stopping by!

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