• Carla Arvie

Tuesday Tales: A Little Parisian Inspo in Austin,TX

Bonjour my fabulous money-saving friends and a Happy Tuesday to you all! Okay so the reason for the French greeting is that a couple weeks ago I got to spend Thanksgiving with my family at an AirBnb in a fan-tab-ulous residence in Westlake Hills.

Now although this was a private residence in Austin, Texas I felt like I was in French Country (at least from what I've seen on TV lol)!

Originally, the hubby and I were planning to go into town to take photos for this post, but after I took a good look around outside of our AirBnb I said to Broderick, "Hey why not just do it here"?

Ok, ok, maybe it did not go EXACTLY that way.....IN REAL LIFE we were on a time crunch to beat the sunlight going down and the hubby eagerly wanted to be back in time for the must-see (yes there's sarcasm being used here) "Annual Thanksgiving Football Game" around 2:30p.

Ya'll we BARELY had an hour to make this shoot happen nor the time to debate our differences so I reluctantly said, "Let's just get some shots here". It was much to my surprise that I actually ended up being INSPIRED by the scenery (GASSSSSPPP)!

Yes! I was inspired by the beautiful, calm nature of the great Austin outdoors! So I had a quick pep-talk with God and decided to readjust my attitude to also be CALM and at peace that we had LIMITED time to shoot and to make the absolute BEST out of the situation. And you know what? I'm pretty darn proud of my husband's patience with me and how well he did with the resulting photos.

Didn't he do a great job? Especially for someone who's new to photography?!!!! LIKE WHAAA????? Also don't you just loveeeee how the lush green trees and exposed brick really brought my casual Parisian look to life?!

Anyhow I realized once I was at peace, let myself trust my husband, and shut my mouth - my outfit and Broderick's skills did the rest in making this a wonderful shoot! Thank you guys for bearing with my ridiculousness and a special shout-out to the hubby for dealing with it daily ;)

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Red Beret: Flea Market Find ($4)

Glasses: Beauty Supply Store Find ($6)

Blouse: Plato's Closet ($8)

Jeans: Thrift Giant ($6)

Backpack: Hand-Me-Down from My Mom ($0)

Black Bow Flats: H&M ($25)

Total Cost: $49 !!!!!

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