• Carla Arvie

Looking Good = Feeling Good

Hey hey hey chickskates and sorry I have abandoned you all for so long! My excuse is......ok I have none. I just need to prioritize my time better to make sure I don't miss any more days of posting. Nonetheless, we're moving on! Although I am the type of girl who likes to get dolled up and show myself off to the world just for the sake of it, I have more than my share of days where I lack the motivation to put any effort into my look.

For those of you who don't already know, I struggle with Major Depressive Disorder and Anxiety. My struggle with mental illness has a profound affect on how I view myself. My self esteem is the first thing that suffers when I am in the thick of it. What has helped me is to realize that I am HUMAN and that it is okay and completely NORMAL to have an "off day".

I'm gonna be real with y'all and say that sometimes the fact that I brush my teeth and put on clothes AT ALL is often an accomplishment within itself - can I get an amen from my mental health strugglin' peeps?! One thing that I recall hearing from Deion Sanders reality TV show, "Deion's Family Playbook" was, "If you look good, you feel good".

Deion, who happens to be a sharp dresser himself, really gave me some great advice that day. I pass this advice forward to my friends and loved ones whenever they need a little push during the times they are unmotivated to look their best self.

Those words have stayed with me since and has been one of those easy things to cling to when I don't want to deal with life. This lesson also reminds me that I have power in how my day can go when I am battling my high anxiety and depression. By forcing myself out of bed, putting on the most fabulous frock I can find, and throwing on a little lipstick I feel like I am saying, "This day is mine to make"!

Of course I'm not saying that maintaining your outward appearance solves ALL your problems or that it always helps during those "off" days but I believe it's a step in taking good care of yourself. After all, you deserve the BEST whether you feel that way or not! ;)

Gray Turtle Neck Top: Courtesy of a friend's closet (0$)

Hot Red Pencil Skirt: Papaya's ($12)

Yellow Sunnies: Plato's Closet ($4)

Bag: Plato's Closet ($10)

Sandals: Old Navy ($12)

Total Cost: $38

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