• Carla Arvie

Pretty in Pink

Hey Friends and Happy Fall! I am overjoyed for a change in weather and can't wait to start sportin' my scarves. Alright so moment of truth, my name is Carla and I, much like many girly-girls, adore the color pink!

I understand that not every woman has an appreciation for this color but for me it symbolizes the ownership of DIVINE femininity that each of us women have. I mean how can you not be a fan when cult classic flicks like "Pretty in Pink" and "Legally Blonde" reiterate why it is such an essential hue for your closet?

I feel like pink is just a fun color to wear! I guess that's why I can't help but to feel giddy and excited when I wear it. I often try to push people to incorporate bold, vivid colors like pink, yellow, or orange into their style because it is fun to play with those types of colors!

It amazes me how something as simple as a color can effect someone's mood. Like for example, the colors red and yellow instantly make me think of food and slightly water at mouth because I envision chopping down on a double cheeseburger from McDonald's (or maybe I was just hungry while I was typing this).

Color also has the power to convey a message or attitude to people. When I see a man rocking a "Real Men Wear Pink" shirt I can't help but to crack a smile and admire his boldness.

Whatever your color preferences are, OWN it! Your tastes are what make your style unique and people can't help but to look in admiration when you wear your favorite hue with confidence! Wanna know what my color picks say in this picture?

"I am feeling fabulous and ready to take on this week in style"!

Dress: Thrift Giant, Forever 21 Brand ($6)

Purse: H&M ($25)

Bracelets: Michael's ($5)

Sequin Flats: Plato's Closet, Old Navy Brand ($7)

Total Cost = $43

Additional Details

Photographer: Jessica Colligan

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