• Carla Arvie

Birthday Suit

Go Carla it's your birthday, we gonna party like it's your birthday! Haha! I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by and that I am already 24 as of yesterday! Time sure does fly when you're having fun ;) Oh and speaking of having fun - today's post is an introduction into my Wildcard Wednesday series.This series focuses entirely on the element of surprise within an outfit. And today just for y'all I am featuring my birthday outfit as the first post of this series!

Let me tell y'all how difficult it is for someone who is as particularly short and petite like me to find the perfect jumpsuit! I have been hunting for one that fits me just right and doesn't force me into wearing heels for a lonnnnnggggg time!

I was relieved when I stopped by Plato's Closet, one of my favorite resale shops, last month and came across this beauty!

What I really love about this jumpsuit is how it makes a dwarf like me (5'3) appear at least 3 inches taller !

I truly feel like any woman can rock a great jumpsuit as long as the fit is just right!

I really enjoy the sleekness of this lovely find of a jumpsuit. By sleek I mean simple in styling yet makes a strong statement without overdoing it. Therefore, rather than piling on a bunch of accessories, I thought it best to play into the minimal element. Thanks to Kim K I have become a HUGE fan of the monochromatic (aka one color) trend. I thought as a "wildcard" that I would match the outfit entirely with white accessories to really give the jumpsuit a polished look.

Now although I aimed for an overall one-color aesthetic, I did want to incorporate some fun details that would spice the outfit up a little. For example, I added my yellow tint shades, amber stone ring, and the tail end of my tan puff pin in my purse to break the all-white down just a tad. Like I have mentioned before, fashion is meant to be FUN so when it comes to little details like these by all means PLAY ON!

I would say that this outfit is the ultimate Girls Night Out attire! It has every aspect you are looking for from sexy, sophisticated, fun, and stylish for a night out on the town. Likely I will make good use of this jumpsuit for the next couple years if I can manage to keep it white! For now let's just appreciate my success with this goal so far ;)

Below are the details of this monochromatic ensemble:

Jumpsuit: Plato's Closet, Boohoo Brand ($12)

Bag: Plato's Closet, Unknown Brand ($10)

Shoes: Old Navy ($10)

Amber Stone Ring: Charlotte Russe ($5)

Yellow Sunnies: Plato's Closet ($4)

Puff Ball Pin: Wave ($2)

Total Cost: $43

Additional Details

Photographer: Jessica Colligan

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