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Summer Date Night

Happy Friday beauts and stud muffins! Today I have some easy and summer breezy date night tips to share with the ladies specifically as a part of my Friday Fashion Tips series :) The hope for this series is that it ultimately serves as a style guide to people who often ask me questions like "Where can I find affordable and trendy shoes"? or "What advice can you give to people with different body types"?

Now I can't quite promise y'all that I have ALL the answers but I will certainly do what I can to help everyone with wherever they are in their own "style journey".

Now for those of you who don't already know, summer in North Texas equates to 3 things: Hot, humid, and dreadful!

Therefore, when you are rummaging through your closet you are likely to throw on the first pair of shorts and t-shirt you spot and call it a day! Regardless of date night-schmate night, your sister's soccer banquet, a cousin's wedding - like who cares? It's HOT. I hear ya and I get it!

Would you believe me if I told you that there is another way of staying cool in your clothes and that you can even look "hot" doing it (see what I did there)?

The solution to your summer style rut is simple: wear clothes that are made of light fabric material.

Such fabrics include Polyester, Cotton, Rayon, Linen, and Nylon. If you ever read the labels on clothes in stores during the summer, I GUARANTEE that these sum up the majority of fabric descriptions on them.

I strongly advise against wearing Silk or Leather unless you're lucky to live in a more forgiving climate like San Diego, CA.

I would also be cautious of Denim - although it is very trendy in the summer it doesn't really allow your skin to BREATHE.

This flowy, island inspired, maxi dress that I am sporting here just so happens to be 100% polyester.

And guess what? Not only is it cute and perfecto for date night but it is also super comfortable!

See? I told you so.

I threw in this woven clutch to celebrate the Caribbean vibe of the dress and also added an orange watch to make the bright yellowish-orange palm leaves in the pattern stand out. Granted, I went a little more laid back with the overall styling and light on makeup because once again, it's SEAT BELT BURNING HOT!

The thing I love about maxi dresses is how comfortable and versatile they are. You can wear them practically anywhere and to any event! You can glam them up with accessories for an outing or throw a top over them to create a whole new look. Seriously, they are magical and my maxi-lovin-Floridan friend Danielle would agree too!

I hope my tips are helpful to you! If you want to explore more in the "world of fabrics and textiles" I recommend visiting http://www.textileschool.com/articles/330/type-of-fabrics to gain a deeper understanding.

Feel free to comment, message, or email me any questions you have or topics that you'd like me to discuss in future blog posts. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Below are the details of this island gal inspired look.

Dress: Marshall's ($12)

Woven Clutch: H&M ($15)

Faux Leather Watch: Michael's ($7)

Sandals: Old Navy ($12)

Total Cost: $53

Additional Details

Photographer: Jessica Colligan

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