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My Journey in Style

Hello my frugally fabulous friends and welcome to my first blog post! Today's topic of interest is "Motivate Your Monday" and this is one of the weekly series I plan to use as an opportunity to share with you all what inspires me and motivates my style. So to kick this series off right, I am going to share with you what has shaped my style senses to be what they are today.

To tell y'all the truth, I have always been an admirer of high end fashion and haute couture! For those of you who don't know (bless your heart), haute couture is basically super expensive and often custom designed clothing made by major fashion houses like Ellie Saab, Givenchy, or Balenciaga. I blame the Old Hollywood Glam movies

my mom made me watch with her throughout my childhood and early 2000's TLC shows like How Do I Look ? and my all time favorite, What Not To Wear for my expensive taste; so thanks mom.

At the age of 9, I believed with all my heart that Stacey and Clinton were my trendy fairy god parents who's jobs were to teach me the ways of fashion forwardness; and don't any of you dare judge me for it! It was those types of media and sophisticated magazines such as Vogue that helped me understand the importance of good quality clothes.

My observation from my MANY style influences all came down to one simple principle that I cling to till this day:

Looking your best and establishing your style is an emotional, physical, and financial investment in yourself.

Although I developed expensive taste as a child, I also discovered the harsh reality that neither of my parents were made of money. So for our household, yard sales, thrift stores, and seasonal shopping deals were a way of life!

Thanks to both my grandmothers, my Auntie Charlena, and my mom of course, I found that looking good does not need to have a detrimental effect on your wallet.

I don't know about y'all, but I grew up on stores like JcPenny, Old Navy, Ross, and Payless.

Thanks to my upbringing I have mastered the essential skill of bargain hunting at any store I walk into! Although this method does require a little more effort than typical shopping, it is well worth it! There's nothing that beats the feeling of finding a J.Crew cardigan at $7 from a resale shop....truly nothing.

So if you don't think it's possible to look as fabulous as our modern day fashion icons such as Michelle Obama or Stacey from What Not to Wear for little to nothing, I can attest that it is indeed possible. In fact, it is my mission to prove this to you in my future blog posts!

In the meantime, take note of my Bohemian inspired finds displayed here:

Dress: Forever 21($20)

Hat: Marshall's ($7)

Sandals: Old Navy ($12)

Arm Candy: Charlotte Russe ($5)

Total Cost: $44

Additional Details

Photographer: Jessica Colligan

Makeup Master: Stacey Scott

Be sure to let me know your thoughts on my post and if you have any particular topics you'd like me to discuss :)

Thanks for stopping by fellow chicskates!

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